December 1, 2013

A few days ago, I posted about what's been keeping my skin happy the past weeks and shared the first installment of My Skin Story. The second part of My Skin Story is a review of my current HG (Holy Grail) foundation. I used it in my Transition to Fall FOTD and have been using it everyday for the past weeks. I feel that this is the right and justified time to share my love for this product.

You'll be able to read in  my first Skin Story how happy I was to stumble upon Happy Skin and its Second Skin Creme foundation online just when I discovered the relatively narrow field of silicone-free cosmetics. The same week it retailed at Plains & Prints, my feet brought me to SM Mall of Asia. I picked up their two bestsellers, Second Skin Creme silicone-free foundation and Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie. So how was it? :)

Photo linked from Happy Skin website

WHAT IT DOES: (from the Happy Skin website)

Level up your look every single day. With Happy Skin Second Skin Crème, you get to channel a better version of yourself—the glowing, healthy, supple kind. This is the double-letter cream that has a skin-improving, color-adjusting tinge that mimics your actual making you look like yourself, only waaay better. It instantly lends the skin a natural veil that smoothens the surface and a soft-focus powder that diffuses light and minimizes the appearance of pores. Plus, it improves skin quality with continued use. Wear it every day, all-day—at the beach, to the gym, on a date...
I picked up Shade 01: Soft Beige

So how happy did Second Skin Creme make my skin? Read after the break!

1. Convenient packaging. 
I love that it's in a tube which allows me to control the amount I dispense. Less wastage! It's also very hygienic, yay for people OC with their makeup!

2. Easily blendable
The cream formulation makes it less messy without compromising the blendability of the product. It can be spread with just fingers or applied with a damp Beauty Blender.

3. Powder finish
My skin easily absorbed the foundation which settled into a nice powder finish. Looks like my skin but better! I'd say it looks matte right after application but then a few minutes after and my skin gets a nice dewy glow.

4. No breakouts
This is the best thing for me and totally elevates this to HOLY GRAIL status: Silicone-free! As someone who has broken out from a slew of silicone-based products, this foundation is heaven's gift to my traumatized skin! Just wow. :)

I used this during a number of 22-hour shifts during relief operations with minimal sleep and water intake and no irritations or breakouts experienced. Hurray!

6. Nourishing ingredients = happier skin
Infused with Japanese Cherry Blossom extract and hyaluronic acid, SS Creme acts doubly like skincare besides as makeup. I've been using this for several weeks now and noticed that my skin is more hydrated (bye bye flaking!).
SS Creme making my skin happy


1. Only two shades available
I hope Happy Skin can introduce more shades although it does adapt nicely to the color of my skin. I do feel at times that my face is sort of too white (or am I just being paranoid? Hehe.)

2. Sheer coverage
Girls who love the natural look will fall in love with SS Creme's light coverage. Since I still have redness and scars to cover, I would have liked more coverage. ;) But fear not! I usually pat on another layer of SS Creme to the area to be concealed for better coverage. The good news is that it doesn't cake!

3. I really can't think of anything else! 

I've been wearing SS Creme everyday and I've never felt my skin to be happier. I still do get the occasional pimples but I won't deny that SS Creme is definitely helping me realize the better version of my skin that I want.

Try this and you just might be surprised how much happier your skin can be with Happy Skin's Second Skin Creme. ;)

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