Miss JenAusten is a 20-something young professional specializing on human resource management and development with a dash of organizational development. She is a part-time makeup enthusiast, food lover and bookworm as well as a full-time daughter of God. Her curiosity has led her to other passions such as literature, music, dancing, jewelry making, current events, social issues and youth ministry.

Welcome to my Grace Diary

My previous blog was The Curious Cat's (mis)Adventures and now I go back to my first love, Blogspot, for several reasons. In true highschool slumbook fashion, let's just say that the reasons for switching platforms are "too many to mention".

Allow me to share with you my joys and struggles as I walk with the Lord. I hope to bless you as I have been immensely blessed. 

Everything is grace.
I am grateful for everything.  
Grateful is beautiful.

The Makeup Enthusiast

Flashback to the 8-year old Miss JA sneaking into mommy's makeup drawer and trying out her lipsticks and blushes.

Oh yes, that's how my affinity with makeup began. I remember sitting by her side as she prepares to go out and swipes a little bit of lipstick and blush on her fair skin; I would marvel at how these little stuff seem to make her cheeks pinker and her lips redder.

The Foodie

Plowing through my digital albums once, I noticed how much shots of food I have - food which I actually ate. High-end, low-end, healthy, unhealthy - I LOVE FOOD. ♥

"Ang may pinagsaluhan sa hapagkainan, mayroong pinagsamahan."

The Bookworm

Long-term plans? Buy own house and have a personal library. I refuse to part with my books simply for the fact that I'm saving them all up for my future library.

A dream of mine? To be able to build a mobile library for underprivileged children and offer reading, writing, and comprehension lessons in addition.

Daughter of God

What could be more of a joy than to be the daughter of a King who is not of this world, whose treasure is not of this earth's. What can give greater hope than the promise and love of a God who sent His only Son to live among us so that we might be forgiven.

"I would create the world again just to hear you say you love me."
- Jesus to St. Teresa of Avila


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