February 6, 2016

The final installment of my 15 Hits of 2015...let's talk about one of my favorite topics - makeup!! *insert kilig girly scream*

Ok so I cheated a bit in this post. Normally, I would have just 5 products but I'm including the "runner-ups" in this post as well. Too many nice discoveries, too little space to talk about everything. Lol.

For the last 5 of my 15 Hits of 2015, *drumroll please*

...1) MAC Lightful Powder Foundation
I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of MAC powders. Its Studio Fix variant broke me out in the past although it's just fair to say it has amazing coverage. So trying out the MAC Lightful powder foundation was a huge risk for me. I was sold when the lovely MAC MUA, Isabelle, tried this on me. The powder is finely milled and gives the skin a nice glow, it's neither flat matte nor overly glowy, so I'd say this is good for oily skin. Best part? It doesn't break me out! Woohoo! If you're due for a new powder foundation, I highly recommend going to a MAC store and trying this on. You just might have found your next buy. :)

...2) Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
We all went cray with face masks and now we even have hand and foot masks. So why not take care of our lips too, which is by the way very sensitive to weather changes. I got this as a free sample. It's a teeny pot but since you won't need a lot of product, I feel like this will last me for quite some time. It has a pleasant scent and glides smoothly like lip butter on the lips. This one really helped moisturize my lips and even get rid of dead skin even with just one application. Bye-bye flaking skin, hello soft lips! 

...3) Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer
LOVE love love this one! Full coverage, matte finish, and waterproof. What's not to love?!❤️ Best of all for me, it didn't break me out. Yay. So I'm completely sold. 'Nuff said. Take my money! Lol.

...4) Mary Kay Concealer
I have a confession to make: undereye concealing used to be one of my frustrations. I really found it difficult to conceal my eyebags even with the best brands. WHYYYYY. Until I stumbled into the Mary Kay concealer. I bought it months ago intending to use it on blemishes but never really liked it because it irritated my pimples and so it went to the back of my makeup drawer. Fast forward to several months after and a super destash session, I picked this up and swatched it. For a shade that's named Ivory, I thought the color looked a little too yellow. I had the crazy idea of trying it on my undereye area and, boom, I found the perfect match for my eyebags! They don't completely disappear but I love how just a small amount of the concealer brightens it and makes me look so much more well-rested. It's very blendable too!

...5) Innisfree Skinny Microcara
This stuff is Holy Grail Material. When I first tried it, I went "Holy, what is this sorcery?!". Your Asian lower lashes (code for short and sparse) will definitely love this. The skinny brush (they're not kidding when they said skinny) is able to coat my lashes without transferring mascara to my undereye area. Yay! It doesn't smear also throughout the day so double win. The only downside for me is that it's not available locally (boohoo), I picked this up in Bangkok and I can only wish now that I got more tubes for backup. Huhu. Oh well, I'll be stocking up on this the next time I get to an Innisfree store.

And the runner-ups...
...1) Happy Skin Feeling Sculptacular Face Contour Kit
Once you contour, it's gonna be so hard to go without it. Taas kamay ng mga nakaka-relate!😂 I recommend the Happy Skin Contour Kit for those days when you have little time and need something fool-proof. It has soft tones so this will be nice for heavy-handed users and it lasts throughout the day. 

...2) Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow and Nose Shadow
This is my go-to powder eyeshadow kit to match my colored hair. It's easy to apply, pigmented just the way I want it to be, and can also double as contour powder for the noseline and crease. For gals with colored hair (light brown shades), I recommend to pair this up with Heavy Rotation's eyebrow mascara. Sobrang plakado ng kilay.

...3) MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
It took me long to try this as I haven't had the best skin experience with MAC. My previous experience with it years ago left me with unfortunate breakouts. So I was a little skeptical when I sat down in the MAC makeup chair and had Isabelle (RP Manila branch, she's really good!) work her MAC magic on me. The coverage is good, matte in finish, and stays throughout the day. Sounds like MUFE, no? The only difference for me would be the texture - this one is more liquid. Thankfully, this one didn't break me out! 

...4) Eden's Paradise Lip Majikku
This is my quick-pick-me-up for my lips, providing moisture and a cooling sensation. It has Sakura extracts, Vitamins A, C, and E as ingredients. These skin-loving ingredients leave my lips soft and pinkish, perfect for tamad no-makeup days. I ordered mine in Instagram, check out @edensparadiseloyola.

...5) Dermacol Make-Up Cover
For full heavy coverage, I certainly recommend the Dermacol Make-Up Cover. Plakadong-plakado ang coverage! A little certainly goes a VERY long way. For days when you need good coverage and with very little time on your hands, this is a good option. Although, I don't really recommend this to oily-skinned gals because of its very creamy texture. Should you really want to try it, make sure to set with a good setting/mattifying powder.

...6) Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me lippie in Pop the Question
Shut up, kiss me, and just pop the da*n question! Lol, don't you just wish you could say that sometime to the torpe guy who always does the sweetest things for you but ca never seem to find the guts to ask you out?😂 On a more serious note, this is another Happy Skin winner in my books (I have quite a few!) because of its soft pink shade which is completely wearable (sobrang nakaka-fresh), smooth texture, and moisturizing properties. 


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