February 8, 2016

My latest mask acquisitions are from the Sephora Collection: the Marine Algae Eye Mask, Green Tea Sleeping Mask, and Lotus Sleeping Mask. While this can now be ordered online from Sephora PH (this used to be Luxola.com, I think?), I got mine from Singapore at roughly the same price, cheaper by around 2 pesos.

So what is this sorcery?! Here's a quick rundown:

The Marine Algae Eye Mask promises to "enhance skin hydration from within and nourishes skin for deeply plumped, supple and balanced skin".

The Lotus Sleeping Mask is a moisturizing and soothing rich cream-gel textured sleeping mask that "locks in water and reduces signs of fatigue for the appearance of plumper, more rested skin".

The Green Tea Sleeping Mask is a mattifying and anti-blemish cream-gel textured sleeping mask for a matte, clean complexion.

*My Sephora mask experience*

Marine Algae Eye Mask
One pack contains two sheets - one for each undereye contour. It is soaked in the marine algae formula upon opening. Hay nako, don't be like me and wear the protective sheet instead of the actual mask. LOL. The mask is the soft white sheet while the protective sheet looks translucent when put on the skin. Watch the video below and see my booboo! LOL. XD

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The mask is cooling and refreshing on the undereye area and this is coming from someone who regularly lacks sleep. The formula feels so light and was easily absorbed by my skin - no sticky residue! Since I only used this once, I wasn't really expecting any drastic change. I did notice though that my undereye area looked plumper like whenever I get to have a good night's rest.

Lotus Sleeping Mask

Though small at 0.27 oz, I was able to use the Sephora Lotus Sleeping Mask twice. I reckon it can even be stretched up to three uses. The mask comes in a pink gel cream formula which is easy to apply on the face. There's an instant cooling effect on the skin upon application. It really helped in hydrating my skin and similar to the Marine Algae Eye Mask, my skin looked plumper and more rested the morning after.

Green Tea Sleeping Mask

Like the Lotus Sleeping Mask, the Green Tea mask is also cooling to the skin. The mask comes in a green gel cream formula. I don't have as much love, though, for this one since it kind of dried up my skin. Maybe it got too mattifying? Anyhow, this might be good for those with very oily skin.

All in all, I like both the eye and sleeping masks. On a stressful Friday night, putting on this would be a good way to unwind and get a much-deserved relaxation.


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