January 8, 2016

Hola, bellas! To continue my post on my 15 Hits of 2015.....

 I am a product junkie, truth be told. I love trying out new products; although I have become more selective now since my skin is really waaayyy too sensitive (madaming feelings eh! LOL) and I have come to know its needs better.

I bring to you my top 5 skincare hits in 2015 (not counting the MAC Lightful Vibrancy Eye Cream), which is basically what makes up my current regimen. This one has worked the best for me so far.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula 

Don't let its transparency and liquid texture fool you. It's a cooling cleanser masquerading as water in a green bottle. This provides me the cool clean feeling I want after washing. At the end of the day, I think every girl just wants to take off makeup and relax. This allows me just that minus the tight feeling that most harsh cleansers leave.

Murad Acne and Wrinkle Reducer

Adult acne + fine lines + wrinkles = every 20-something's nightmare. It's even scarier than weight gain because you know you can lose fats but those lines look like they're about ready to settle in nicely. Yikes! Apart from drinking lots of water and praying for extra grace to smile even when stressed, the Murad Acne and Wrinkle Reducer is my go-to for decent skin. It has a medical smell, probably due to its Salicylic Acid content, that is tolerable. Don't worry about it being greasy because it's neither gel nor serum type but this is absorbed quickly by the skin and does not exacerbate oiliness.

Shu Uemura Tsuya Youthful Crystal Transparency Lotion

Another wonderful product masquerading as water in an iridescent purple bottle! This is a little more of an indulgence, not really a must-have, but it adds something extra to my regimen. I find that my skin absorbs moisturizer better when I apply this beforehand. I once stopped using this but found myself reaching for it after a week since my skin turned dull.

Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream_EX

Ever feel like your skin can use a tall glass of cold water? That's what the Laneige moisturizer is to my skin. I love its gel texture which makes it easily absorbed by the skin. No more greasy face! It also has a faint smell, like fragrant water (seriously, what?!), which is pleasant and non-irritating. Best part that I like is how it leaves a cooling sensation when applied, just what I need at the end of a long day after I take off all makeup and get ready for some zzzzz's. 

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Masks can be great and common knowledge has always told us to use it once a week. I haven't had good luck though with the many sheet masks I've tried. Most have irritated my skin or caused breakouts. Even clay masks can sometimes be harsh on my skin. This is why I've shied away from masks for a long time. Despite the unpleasant experiences, my penchant for trying new products almost always wins and led me to try the Laneige Water Sleeping. Now, this IS the bomb. Seriously. 

If I' not mistaken, sleeping masks are an innovation of the Koreans (who have the best skin, I suppose). The Laneige SA suggested that I partner this with the Water Bank Gel Cream for optimum results. Now, this one is recommended to be used twice a week but I cheat because I actually use it every night! Loving it, though. I sleep better with it since it also cools the skin. Daily use has resulted to more moisturized skin. I wake up to healthier and plumper skin. 

My skin is still far from the ideal state I want for it; I have my hormones my thank (not!). But these products have made the journey less "excruciating" (lol). I wonder how my 2016 skin journey will be. In the last part of 15 Hits 2015, we come to my most favorite part, makeup! Gasp! :)


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