April 21, 2015

Your Prayers Can Bless Someone Today

My father received a call from my brother last night. That was a little unusual since we'd usually see him during weekends and do all the talking then. Not big talkers, my family. Hehe. 

It turns out he was in a "road accident" and was asking for advice. My brother was "t-boned" (his term) in an intersection by an Isuzu Cross wind. He drives a Honda Jazz. The window of his door was shattered and there were also dents on the passenger door. Good thing both have comprehensive insurance. 

Now this is not a rant post. I think they've been able to speak amicably about the incident. I'm just grateful to the Lord for:
A. Keeping both drivers safe especially my brother 
B. That my sister-in-law, nephew and his yaya weren't in the car at that time 

Thank you Lord for your protecting and guiding hands. My brother's guardian angel must have really been protecting him too as he luckily doesn't have any wounds after the window broke. Thank goodness! And I firmly believe that at that time, someone somewhere uttered a memorare for the one who needs it most and it was my brother who needed it most at that time. Thank you to that person, may the Lord bless you as your prayer has unknowingly blessed someone else. 

As my brother put it, ang kotse napapalitan pero ang buhay hindi. This kind of incident usually shakes us up. We realize how fleeting and replaceable material things are and the temporary time we are given to love our dear ones. Lastly, this reminds me how we can not discount how our prayers can bless others even without our knowledge. 

Keep cool heads, drive safely and don't forget to say your prayers today! 

God bless!


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