February 3, 2015

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BDJ Box Exclusive: Kawaii Must-Haves

Super cute exclusive box from BDJ! One look at the cover and I sort of fell in love with this month's beauty box. <3 

Together with the products is a magazine featuring various Japanese cosmetics and a bunch of makeup tips. Helpful stuff! I particularly love the guide in eyeliner styles (I'm such a noob). 

So what's inside?
1. Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Age Care 
No question about Bifesta's superb performance as a makeup remover; I've finished quite a number of this by now. It's affordable and works well. I've always used the Brightening variant so the Age Care variant will be a welcome change in my routine.😸

2. Lucido-L Styling Milk Airy
I am excited for this leave on treatment! My hair is quite limp these days as I use conditioner everyday (my hair becomes too unamanageable if I don't) so let's see how well it will fare with my hair. 

3. Lucido-L Treatment Oil Perm
No idea who can test this one for me. Hmmm, will have to rack my brain who among my friends have permed and colored hair. 

4. Pixy Eye Shadow
This one looks very promising as well! The colors look very wearable although I have yet to feel its texture. 

5. Pixy Blush On 
Sorry but my first impression of this is a little meh. I'm seeing not chunky but definitely not super fine glitter. :| I got the shade Passion Roses which looks a little dark in the pan but who knows, I'm guessing the curious cat in me will still try this one out. 

6. Pixy Two Way Cake Perfect Fit in Ivory
Love its BIG mirror.❤️ Perfect when you're applying makeup or just retouching. Biggest turn-off, however, is its strong scent. The smell actually reminds me of Kokuryu foundations, I don't know why, hehe. Despite the name, it looks dark in the pan although I'll be double checking this later under better lighting. 

7. Pixy Coverlast Compact Powder in Ivory
This one is scented too but is more pleasant to the nose than the two way cake. Same comment on the shade and yes, I will check one more time under better light. :)

8. Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus
Non-oily, waterproof and sweatproof. Whew! Big promises. I may be able to use this come summer season. :)

Everything is full sized and total value comes to about 2500 pesos. Good value, if you ask me, considering that a BDJ Box only costs 500+ per box. Then again, I'm a makeup junkie of some sort so I'm thoroughly satisfied with this box. :D And last but not the least, love the sticker for this box!

Rock it and own it, lady!


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