January 16, 2015

Online shopping. The dangerous hobby of a girl who does not nearly have enough time to go to the mall. 

I started online shopping back when Multiply was 'the place to be' and had my own online shop for some time. While my relatives would lament the risks of buying online - getting the wrong size, not being able to touch the product first hand before buying, or worse, getting scammed - I still kept buying online. Thankfully, I've never been scammed. Some purchases turned out to be lemons but nothing major. 

Even though we don't have Sephora or Sasa in the Philippines, I still consider myself pretty lucky to have a fairly good access to a variety of cosmetic brands. More brands have been entering the Philippine market lately and there's a good number of online sellers who bring back pro-grade stuff that are otherwise hard to come by in the local market. It's become quite easy to shop for makeup, really. Even with my limited time to visit malls, I still manage to get my hands on interesting products. *wink wink*

Enter BeautyMNL, the latest online cosmetics store! I believe it's an offshoot of Taste Central, the retail site of Deal Grocer. It took me quite some time to make my first purchase after browsing the website n-times because I couldn't make up my mind what to buy. First-time buyers get 20% off and I wanted to use the discount wisely! :D I finally gave in this week and made my first order. 

Chanel Powder Blush in Rose Initial and Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Bronze Beam

Ta-da! Not in photo is the Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive and Nippon Brush Cleaner, which I consider to be my more 'practical' buys. Harhar. I'll be giving my first impressions of both products in my next posts but for now, let me share my BeautyMNL experience. 

Getting to the website is easy and loading time is pretty good. I like how it houses a good range of brands from drugstore to high-end and neatly categorizes the products. They make MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown other brands that are otherwise available in the big malls more accessible to those living in provincial areas. Product information is clearly displayed. It would be helpful if they can also add info on product ingredients later on especially for shoppers of organic/vegan products. Adding products to my shopping cart was easy although removing several items was quite a challenge at times when the site would not be very responsive. I paid through credit card without a hitch and immediately received afterwards an order confirmation through email. No credit card? They also accept cash on delivery. 

My order arrived two days after, yay! It was wrapped nicely in a resealable bag (pictured above) although I think the powder product could have been bubble wrapped given its breakable state. All things the same, the blush was intact and very much in one piece when it arrived. :-) It will also be nice to order a few packages and have them delivered to your friends as gifts, no? 

Would I order again? Absolutely! It was such a hassle-free experience. I hope they will restock some of the products since quite a number are already out of stock at the moment and continue to expand their brand range. Tell me about your BeautyMNL loot! :)


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