January 9, 2015


My 2015 Beauty Resolutions

So here we are again with a brand new year and me with my own list of resolutions. I'm sure you have yours as well and we also both have our prayers for the grace to accomplish all our resolutions. :p

They say effective resolution-making includes making oneself more accountable. One way of doing is to publicize one's resolutions for the whole world to know! Yep, dyahe if you don't go through with it when a lot of people have read it already, right?

For this year, I have pretty simple habits/commitments that I want to build.

#GOAL: A healthier lifestyle for a better quality of life.

1. Apply SUNBLOCK regularly.

As someone lazy to apply lotion everyday, I've also avoided sunblock until several glycolic stuff forced me to put on sunblock everyday. I'm hoping to continue this for the rest of my life (haha!) as I know I will be thanking my past self at some point for taking the time to slather on sun protection. It would be a nightmare to look at premature aging and sun spots later on and know that you could have prevented it with a little effort.

I tried this moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 by Mario Badescu and have grown to like it. It doesn't make my skin oilier and has a very subdued scent. Smells like sunblock but nothing too extreme for the nostils.

2. Drink up!

Yes, I say yes to more glasses of water in a day! The water dispenser in my current office is not in a very accessible area and this really discourages me at times to refill my water bottle. But nope, I can't let myself be set back by it. I've seen the benefits of water, particularly lemon water, to my body and it would be such a shame to let laziness take over me. It did such good for me as it flushed out the toxins in my body.

Lemon water didn't completely clear up my skin but it did make it more decent. And of course, the flatter stomach doesn't hurt. :p

3. Exfoliate and (gently) exfoliate some more.

Some people shy away from exfoliating in the belief that the pressure on skin can do more harm than good. But sometimes not exfoliating at all can lead to clogged pores. At least, that's how I understand it.

Always pick a gentle exfoliant and resist the urge to go crazy and overdo it! The Apha-H Micro Cleanse is a glycolic product which really leaves my skin baby soft and smooth after use. See, there goes your temptation to exfoliate everyday but by all means, resist it for the sake of your skin. ;)

4. Just Floss It!

Poor dental hygience can lead to heart attack and various other complications.
photo credit: pattyanne:made via photopin

Since I am more prone to gingivitis than the average person, I should really start taking regular flossing more seriously. I hope I can turn this into a habit until the time when it becomes almost automatic for me.

And there you have my 4 simple habits to be made in 2015. I believe resolutions don't always have to be grand; they can be simple and still meaningful as long as it achieves one's end goal.

What are your resolutions for this year? :-)


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