July 29, 2014

CATRICE COSMETICS is the new kid on the makeup block. It just got here in the Philippines, its two stalls right now at SM Manila and SM Mall of Asia department stores. Ever the curious cat, I decided to check it out and was pleasantly surprised with its affordable prices. Its most expensive product, foundation, which is made in Germany and 30 ml in content is affordably priced at 499 pesos.
Swatch has been blended
The Promise:
- make-up with fresh and light formulation and light-reflecting pigments
- evens out skin perfections
- perfectly matches your skin tone
- soft-focus effect for a naturally glowing complexion without mask effect
- lasts up to 18h
- oil-free, skin compatibility dermatologically approved
- for a flawless and radiant complexion, as perfect as a retouched photo

I saw 4 shades in the counter:
Sand Beige (which I got), Rosy Beige (pink-toned), Caramel Beige (warmer and tanner
than  Sand Beige) and another darker shadewhich I wasn’t able to get the name of.
The department store lights were a bit off and so I couldn’t get a clear view of the
swatches. Sand Beige turned out to be slightly pink-toned more than I want it to be. It was a tad too white as well for me.

Top: Foundation freshly applied and taken without flash
Middle: Taken without flash and set with Shiseido powder foundation
Bottom: taken with flash; no setting powder; the pinkness is very visible in this shot
The YAYs:
-Packaging. The glass bottle looks very sturdy with engraved text so no eventual fading. It was also sealed so yay for that! It comes with a pump which makes for convenient and controlled dispensing. The shade name is also on the bottle cap which makes it easy to spot in my kit.

- Coverage is actually nice. There’s no shimmer yet it gives off a fresh finish. It’s neither too matte nor too dewy. Check out the soft focus finish it had on my skin!

- Light on the skin. It’s blendable and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It doesn’t feel like it will clog your pores at the end of the day.

- Oil control. I am so impressed that I only had to blot once during the day and it the sheet was barely soaked as it usually would be. And that’s after enduring a morning commute in Manila!
Top and Bottom photos: After 9 hours of wear with one blotting; you can see the redness peeking through already

The NAYs:
- Fragrance. This has a floral scent. I’m not really a fan of fragrances in makeup
except for lipsticks and I know that some ladies feel the same way. Hey, we’re all
scared of nasty irritations.
-Limited shade choices. I wish they had more shades to choose from.
Over all, I think this is worth a try given the affordable price and the flawless finish it gives as long as you can get over the fragrance factor.
I applied mine using the technique Kevin James Bennett demonstrated in applying RCMA foundations. I squeezed one pump on the back of my hand, applied sparingly using my fingers and spread using my Shiseido flat top brush spritzed with Skindinavia Finishing Spray. It’s easy and quick! I think it contributed as well to the lasting power of the foundation. 

So let's review whether it lived up to its promises:
✓ - make-up with fresh and light formulation and light-reflecting pigments
✓ - evens out skin perfections (I do complement it with corrector and concealer)
X - perfectly matches your skin tone (you saw how it was a bit pinky on my skin)
✓ - soft-focus effect for a naturally glowing complexion without mask effect
X - lasts up to 18h (redness peeking through after 9 hours of wear)
✓ - oil-free, skin compatibility dermatologically approved (did not experience a major breakout so that's a good sign)
X - for a flawless and radiant complexion, as perfect as a retouched photo (feeling ambivalent about this but then again, I do not have perfect skin to start with)

4 out 7 isn't so bad. Do check this out the next time; I think this is something worth trying. Are you almost out of foundation? What are you planning to get next?

Be blessed always.


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