July 28, 2014


OOTD: Sunday Best

Sundays are chill days not just because it's unofficially Family Day for many families but more so because it's our special time to 'chill' with God. It can be tempting to dress down (as in really down) during Sundays especially since we always dress up 5x a week in the office. But Sundays are actually a great day to dress up because it's the day of the Lord's banquet! Think of it as the new week's kick-off party with the Lord and of course with the community. :-)

Hear, hear? :-)

So what's this week's pick for Sunday best? My ever reliable Uniqlo maxi dress! I like this dress because it has sleeves (Church-friendly!), the fabric is thick enough but still cool enough to be worn in our tropical weather and it's easy enough to be dressed up or down. I paired it with white d'orsay flats from Payless (sale price! yeah!), a vintage beaded necklace and a sling bag from E.G.G.

Sorry for the awkward pose at the grocery, haha! Not a fashion blogger, obviously. :-P But there you go. Sundays can be dress up days without sacrificing modesty and comfort. Looking forward to the next Sunday Best!

Have a great weekend ahead of you!


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