November 29, 2013

I've had the privilege to attend Maquillage Professionel's workshop on Makeup for Special Events this month. I'm too poor for a full-blown makeup certification course right now but have been aching to further my makeup skills (I tell you it's like a newfound passion); of course this one-day workshop was the best compromise for the moment.

There were three of us during the workshop, which was held at The Makeup Factory in High Street. I appreciate the small group because it allowed the instructor, Yuki, to be more hands-on with us. I like that he's not the type to hover - he doesn't really stand behind you - and yet he senses when you need help and demonstrates how to do a step properly. It was also nice that he asked us our main concerns and really helped us with it as we proceeded to make ourselves up.

Since the makeup is primarily for special events, Yuki explained how we can achieve a picture-perfect finish minus the heavy feel. The bonus part is having a lot of Makeup Factory testers at our disposal. I almost bought the light-reflecting concealer except that the shade I wanted was sold out that time.

I just want to share the few photos I took during the workshop. :)


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