November 27, 2013

In my previous post, I wrote about My Beauty Ba-Six or what I call my magic six - the basic stuff that I need for an effortlessly polished look. Perfect for everyday or for situations when you still want to look nice but is simply pressed for time.

  Here's the continuation of my short reviews as promised. :) Click for the jump!

  • Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush
This is indeed a dream to work with. The texture is very smooth, it feels almost like the Naturactor concealer - creamy and easy to blend. It gives a natural flush to the cheeks. At first, I found it too sheer for my liking but discovered that it's easily buildable. I've found that fingers are the easiest to use with this and as such, always remember to sanitize your hands before using this to limit product exposure to bacteria.

*Bought at the Robinsons Magnolia department store

  • √Čtude House Easy Brow Pencil
 My highly recommended brow pencil :) Easy to use for beginners, affordable, pigmented, moderate lasting power and comes with a functional brush. Bang for your buck, I tell you. I use this when I want natural-looking brows and am too lazy to exert a lot of effort.

*Bought at Etude House, SM Manila branch

  • Snoe Beso Balm
Aside from the fact that my seven year old self frequently rummaged through my mom's makeup drawer, one of the early signs of my enthusiasm for makeup is my love for lip balms. My first balm was the ubiquitous Chapstick, back in the days when it still put ads in the then-palm sized Meg magazine. :) I've tried a number since then but I've found my favorite so far - using this for many months now! Snoe Beso Balm gives a minty feel to the lips (my favorite part), does not leave a white film on my lips and perfectly preps my lips prior to lipstick.

*Bought at Trinoma department store

  • Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie
This is easily my best lippie for the year! I don't mind that the color does not last the whole day because the other pros just outweigh it. I have Summer Fling (a nice peachy shade) and My First Time (vava-voom red). Both are nicely pigmented, applies smoothly on my lips and moisturizes nicely. It also does not leave a white film on my lips like the Beso Balm. ;)  I will definitely add more shades to my kit!

*Bought at Plains & Prints, MOA branch

There you go with my magic six! The dependable products on my kit that I will definitely restock.

Have you found your magic six? :)


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