November 25, 2013

Six products for a simple and easy everyday routine. Look effortlessly polished with the following without spending a heck of a time in front of the dresser. Presenting my magic six....
1. Foundation (can be replaced with tinted moisturizer or BB cream)
2. Concealer (I do use separate concealers for blemishes and undereye circles)
3. Powder
4. Eyebrow Pencil (malimutan na daw ang lahat, wag lang ang kilay. LOL)
5. Blush
6. Lip balm + color
And my personal recommendations for the magic six? Ta-da!

Why I love these products after the break. 

  • Happy Skin Second Skin Creme silicone free foundation 
I'm completely in love with and raving about this foundation! I'll be writing a separate review but for the meantime, let it suffice that I give this one HG status on my list. Does not break me out (very few don't), gives an even finish and is very easy to apply. I've read that this is one of Happy Skin's best-sellers and I completely understand why. Totally worth it's 1,200-peso price tag!

*Purchased at Plains & Prints, MOA branch

  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Skin Conceal
My acne-prone skin has had me jumping from one concealer to another. This is not the only one that has impressed me but I totally love this one from OCC for not breaking me out. Hallelujah! It stays on the skin the whole day (which makes me reach for it now more than my Naturactor concealer) and gives a natural but flawless finish. It took me a while though to adjust to its texture which is not exactly dry but not creamy either; I have to warm the product up first for it to glide smoothly on my skin.

*Purchased online at Stuff in Style  

  • Ben Nye Cover-All Wheel
I tried using this originally to cover up blemishes but would always end up frustrated as I felt it didn't cover enough. I was ready to put this on my 'give away' basket but luckily, I tried it one more time and used it on my undereye area. It was basically like magic - seeing my dark undereyes brighten up and look like it just came from a glorious 12-hour sleep after applying the pinky-peach shade to neutralize and then the lighter shade to brighten. I haven't used anything else since then.

*Purchased online at The Style Quarter

  • Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder
The tropical weather and my relentlessly oily skin has taught me NEVER (and I mean, really never) to skip setting my makeup on with powder. Thanks to this Ben Nye powder, I can keep the oilies at bay and say goodbye to the espasol look! This translucent powder will not alter the color of your foundation. Now, how's that for hitting two birds with one stone.

*Purchased online at Kering Keri Store

Read more about the other products on my next blog post! :)


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