January 31, 2013

Some emotional events have happened this week. I can blame it on my period and a bajillion other things but that doesn't really help solve anything. Haha. 

Someone wrote before that certain things/mistakes keep happening in life because we never learn the things/virtues that we ought to learn and practice. Hmmm, the author may actually have a point there. Good or bad, I know that there are lessons to be picked up in this week's events (the week is not over yet but I hope there won't be any more emotionally charged events!) and so here's my poor attempt to write down the lessons and hopefully learn from them. 

I would say hit 'like' if you can relate but we're not in Facebook (even though I wrote down a shorter version in Facebook just 5 minutes ago) so how about you say a short prayer after reading through and agreeing even with just one little thing I wrote down? :)

1. If you have nothing good to say, keep quiet.  
It will be a monstrous struggle inside to contain all the negative things you want to say but it'll be worth it. Just think that 10 years from now, when your speech is more refined and your disposition way calmer, no angry words (that came out of your mouth in the past) will haunt you.
2. When faced by anger, do not respond with anger. 
I know, I know, it's hard not to be angry too when someone's screaming his head out at you and shouting obscene invectives. The natural instinct is to protect oneself and the quickest way is to be in the defense. I'm guilty of this and my temper has really gotten the best of me at times. But you know what, every single time I've pitched anger with anger, I regretted it afterwards. 

Remember: Graciousness will prevent saying/doing things you will regret an hour later.

"Always err in the side of magnanimity."
3. Magnanimity still wins.
It feels odd at first to forgive or respond in a gracious manner but it actually feels kinda okay after doing it even if there's an overwhelming reflex in the beginning to hold your pride and be angry. Be the bigger person and be magnanimous. It's good, no it's better, for your heart. :)

Are all of these easy to do? Of course not. I for one will be the first to raise my hand guilty in losing my temper and letting it get the better of me. But hey, the everyday events of my life are like training weights helping me exercise for the virtues that I need in my life. It won't be easy and I know that there is no way I can do this alone so hey, I'm calling on God, Our Lady, St. Joseph and my guardian angel to help me overcome a lot of temptations to lose my temper and blow my top. 

More positivity, forgiveness, and magnanimity this 2013.

Credits to sites that host the images above: Positivity Place and  ButchonTap.


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