January 31, 2013

A Brow-tiful Story

After I discovered my love for lipsticks and accumulated a ton of blushes and powders, I discovered the wonder of putting color on my brows and how it can totally make or break a look. Amazing! I tried eyebrow pencils, powders, gels and even stencils (like the ELF stencils that I so love).

Super bilib ako sa mga girls (and sometimes guys too!) na ang gaganda ng kilay. Nakaka-bongga ng fez on a simple day when the brows are neat, look natural and perfectly frames the face. For evening occasions naman, maganda yung may konting definition and color.

I'm no expert in fixing brows, make no mistake. Heck, I'm too chicken to tweeze and simply rely on a razor. I've never had my brows threaded, only shaped by a makeup artist during special occasions then I simply maintain the shape by shaving off excess hair.

Lately has had me quite conscious of my eyebrows, so much so that it takes about half of my makeup time. There is a certain shape and angle that I want for an everyday look - not too flat, not too arched, not too thin and definitely not too thick. My brows are so much more well-behaved with this routine: gel, powder and mascara. The only downside to this is that I tend to get a lot of zits in the area. Too much products piled on clogging my pores, methinks.

I thought I was just going to have to endure this routine for quite some time until I find a liner that can give me a natural yet still polished look without a strong pinch to my wallet. But the heavens smile at me and I chanced upon my new favorite makeup item, which I will be reviewing very soon! :)

Ganda-gandahan. Choz!
Alam kong hindi pa siya perfect brows pero eto na ang pinaka-ok na brows ko ever. In my lifetime. Choz. Basta I find it nice and neat. Cool! I will keep on practicing and experimenting to get the perfectly PAKAK brows that will complement my face shape.

 Til the next post! Would love to hear all about your brow-tiful stories! Keri boom boom!


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