February 1, 2013

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Glaminar Makeup Workshop Pegs

"Make me up before you go-go...nananananana.." Chos. Excited much naman sa makeup workshop bukas, hihi! The participants have been asked to bring pegs for 3 makeup look: no makeup, daytime and smokey eyes. And because this is a personal makeup workshop, I especially picked looks that I would be able to wear. Hindi ko pa keri ang avant-garde makeup and everything else na arty-fartsy and high-fashion, hehe.

Sharing with you my pegs for tomorrow's workshop. I just compiled a bunch of photos I found online. I think by now you can tell that I'm a big fan of clean looks. Hehe. 

So there, wish ko lang mapangatawanan ko ang mga peg ko bukas.

Last na, I came across this while browsing for pegs and I was literally stunned for around 10 seconds.

I'm a total fangirl of Blair Waldorf though I lost appreciation already for the Gossip Girl series dahil wiz ko na type ang mga nagaganap sa kuwento. Ganda lang ng dress diba? :) Parang pwedeng wedding dress; with matching paandar na headpiece, lakas lang maka-Kate Middleton ng look.

So much for my babbling. Til the next.


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