January 19, 2013

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1AM: Eyeliner Experiment

Ang lola ay slightly napuyat dahil sa kakikay-an kagabi. :D Overdue manicure and eyeliner experiment.

Sa eyeliner, wiz talaga ko expertise sa paglinya ng mata. In fact, the first time I tried it during my teenage years (kelan yun?! Haha), I shied away from eyeliners for awhile because my first attempt was so crooked. And I guess I used a bad eye pencil then hehe.

Nitong lately na lang na parang kina-career ko na ang mukap saka ko dinibdib ang kasabihang "Patience is a virtue". I was enlightened that my eyes are enhanced with the flick of a line, never mind that the line is crooked or imperfect. So syempre push ako sa pag-line at try and try until I succeed lang.

Sa dami ng local beauty bloggers na sinusubaybayan ko, bet na bet ko yung eyes lagi ni Ms. Say Tioco. The way she lines her eyes really defines it beautifully. Peg ko yung ganun although matatagalan pa ata ang pag-achieve ko hehe!

So last night I did a random experiment on my eyes. I've never tried lining it wth a bit of thickness; my lines are always sweetly thin for subtle definition. But what the heck, I can always wipe it off with a cotton pad, right? ;) Ang dami ko ng daldal, gusto ko lang naman i-share with you friends ang produkto ng experiment ko kagabi haha.

Lakas maka-alien nito, sa totoo lang. Haha! 
Pa-filter filter lang po. 

Keri? Keri boom boom! ☆


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