November 22, 2012

Another kikay post for this week!  

What's in My Kikay Kit

Makeup kits always fascinate me; there's something about a vanity pouch that piques my curiosity. It used to be the ubiquitous floral pouches with plastic coverings back in my childhood. If memory serves me right, the popular brand then was 'Kara Nina' (or sounds like that) which I still see around SM Department Stores. Today I'll be sharing the contents of my own kit which I bring with me everyday. It contains only the most basic products I use - mostly for touchups or for when I am running late and have no choice but to put on makeup in the office instead of at home.

My silver Avon kikay kit! (compared with my Avon Manzzini bag for size reference)
I love this pouch as it has a wide base so you can put quite a lot of stuff inside. Since the Manzzini bag is not so wide, I need to 'flatten' my pouch a bit to make it thinner in width but this is no problem because of the kit's softness. *thumbs up*

Read on after the jump about the products housed inside my faux croc kit. :D

And now the lovely babies that I take with me everyday. ;)

1. Kleenex Oil Blotting Sheet
The best oil blotter I've tried so far, I must say. Packaging is cute and functional. The sheets do not tear up even when a lot of oil has been soaked up already (I know this because I'm such a greaseball!).

2. Atomizer containing Etude House Wonder Pore Toner
I transferred some of my Wonder Pore toner to this teeny tiny atomizer (I know I'm too cheap to buy the atomizer that EH sells, heehee) to use it as a freshening mist in the middle of the day.
How I use it: I spritz some on my face and re-blend the makeup on my face using the next product...

3. Beauty Cosmetics Kabuki Brush
Now who wouldn't love this brush with its shiny pink casing! I'd gladly whip this out whether in public restrooms or in the chicest boudoirs. I haven't experienced any shedding yet with this one. The hairs are super soft, absolutely no scratchy feel, and dense as well. Most of all, this one only costs P350, super affordable!
Should I need more coverage (when the oilies are extra active), I follow up my spritz-and-blend routine with the next wonder product...

4. Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover Powder
Now that Majo is available in the department store of SM Manila, I foresee my Majo collection growing in the coming months. :D I love their products and when the SA offered me this powder, tried it on me and told me it was on 50% off, I was immediately sold.
I just pat on a bit of this product on my t-zone and my oilies are gone! Hurrah!

5. L.A. Colors Mineral Blush in Tenderling
I have beauty blogger Ms. Say Artillero to thank for this product as I discovered this in her YT videos. Without even trying it on first, I picked up one of this and bought it. I'm happy to say that I am not disappointed at all. The blush is pigmented, not chalky and gives a natural flush to the cheeks. It is buildable as well for those who might want a few more swipes of this shade. Perfect for those casual days when we want to look fresh and blooming. :)

6. Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek in Coral Cream
Does it look like a bottle of nail polish? It sure did to me the first time I saw it in the Majo counter. Poor ignorant me almost swatched it on my nail (haha); thankfully I had a lot of stuff on my hand that I decided against it.
What's to love about this? The cute packaging - small and very compact; it even has a metal ball thingy inside that you hear when you shake the bottle (remember our liquid correctors with metal balls inside too?). It's liquid-y but does not dry up fast and streaks like liquid cheek tints. I usually top this off with a powder blush but it stays on long even alone.

7. Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm
Proof of my love for this, I included it in my August favorites post. I'm almost halfway through my tube, this is the most I've ever used in any of the lip balms I've tried. :))

8. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Coral Berry
Another beauty blog find! This one I bought upon the recommendation of my favorite beauty blogger, Ms. Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity. And I wasn't disappointed, hurray! I love that this has a creamy formula which doesn't dry my lips at all. It has no artificial scent to it either. This is just part 1 of my current love affair with Revlon lippies. :D

9. Lipstick case 
The pink thingy behind my lipstick and balm is my lipstick container which is a pasalubong from Hong Kong. I find this convenient as it protects my lipstick of the day (no caps accidentally coming off or lippies being twisted up) and has a small mirror for quick touchups. I love how bright pink and gold mixes well in this; form and function in one!

10. Nichido Minerals Precise Eye Pencil in Chestnut
Second hit recommendation from Ms. Say! She used this in one of her videos and I love how it matched her colored hair. I had to try one myself and see if it matches my colored (and damaged too) hair. To no surprise, it did! The Nichido SA told me that this is one of their bestsellers. I can see why because it has a good color to it and has a creamy texture as well.
Click here and here to see it taming my brows and giving life (and order, hehe) to it.

11. ELF Eyebrow Stencil Kit
This one is very convenient to use and is completely fuss-free. I reviewed this last August; check it out here! When I want a more polished look, I use this together with the Nichido eye pencil and I get my dream brows in a few minutes, heehee.

12. Marionnaud Eyeliner and Spoolie Brush
To avoid brows from looking too harsh and 'drawn on', I use this spoolie brush after lining and shading my brows. I like the effect much better after using the spoolie because the brows look more natural.

That's all for my magic kikay kit. Hope you had fun 'rummaging' through it and I hope to take a peek in yours too! :)


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