October 19, 2012

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My Version of the Double Rope Braid Bun

People who have not seen me for quite some time all have one thing to say when they see me now, "ang haba na ng hair mo!" (your hair's so long now!) How I wish they'd say instead, "ang payat mo na!" (you've lost weight!) hahaha.

Yes, this is the longest my hair has been. Ever in my life. My mom has had short hair all her life and somehow I was to have the same fate throughout my childhood. Even when I got older and had freedom over how long my hair should be, I found myself trying to grow it long and only have it chopped off midway because I got bored with it. :o Evidently, I was not schooled in the whole gamut of braids, buns, clips and whatever acrobatic stunts my hair can make and that's the central reason for my boredom.

Now that my hair is at its longest, it's not because I finally learned all the braiding and stuff (I'm still practically a newbie) but because I intend to have my hair digitally permed this year. Whee! But before I get to that point, I try to play with my hair at times instead of the usual bun and ponytail which I have learned recently (seriously?! lol).

My first experiment was pretty simple - make a bun and put a decorative ribbon. Easy peasy, right? Took me several days to learn making the bun with just one or two elastic bands. :)) You can check it out here. Yesterday, I took a stab at what's called a "Double Rope Braid Bun" which I saw at The Beauty Department. What a lovely hairdo, right? :)

TBD, I'm not stealing your photo! Just borrowing. :) I love your site. <3

I tried to do it but mine came out a little differently. Heehee. Guess someone needs more practice. :) Let me share with you my own version of the Double Rope Braid Bun as inspired by The Beauty Department.

Sorry for the peeking elastics! Heehee. My hair's so unevenly colored now. T.T

My bun's not as big as the one made by TBD and I could have arranged my braids better. :p

The tools:
1. Unwashed hair (lol)
2. Pinkbox elastics

Basically, I followed the steps from TBD right until the braiding part. My simpler version is:
1. Part hair into half and tie each half side into a ponytail.
2. Braid each ponytail.
3. Arrange as desired to form a bun.
4. Secure with bobby pins.
5. Add a cute ornament to jazz up the look or even just to hide the elastics. ;)

Some thoughts:
1. This is really better on unwashed hair so that the natural oil from the scalp makes styling much easier.
2. Get elastics that have the same color as your hair. Hehe!
3. Secure, secure, secure. I experienced my bun getting unclipped (I only used two big bobby pins) right in the middle of a meeting with my boss, yikes! It was excuse myself from the meeting to pin hair or look like a rag doll in braids, you know which option I took. :))

Overall, trying this out was fun even though my arms ached from braiding. Hahaha! I'm such a beginner. :)) I should try it again next time and see how different I can make the bun turn out to be.

Hope this gets you trying your own version of the Double Rope Braid Bun too! :)

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