August 4, 2014

I must confess. Estee Lauder isn’t my typical brand; I grew up seeing it in older women’s vanity tables. The luxe feel of the brand has always put it beyond the reach of my student budget (then) and made me shy away from it.

All that said, I don't know what got into me when I found myself trying out lipstick at the Estee Lauder counter in MOA a few months ago. Must be their pretty model with pouty lips? Heh. I After much hemming and hawing at the counter, I gave in and got my first tube! Now I feel more grown-up. Chos! Let's talk about the one I got, the Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick in Graceful described as a sheer nude-pink. It was the most logical choice at that time since this is perfect for daily use in the office but now I'm actually considering other shades because of this lipstick's great qualities. 

How is this kid going to fit in with my messy lipstick collection of mostly drugstore brands??

What made me buy it aside from me being an impulsive (reformed, ehem) shopper? 
Here are the YAYs:

Luxurious packaging. The body is solid and has a certain heft when held. It’s very elegant and yet understated; something you won’t mind whipping out in a hotel restroom. ;) I have a tendency to play with its magnetic cap, heehee. 

Comfortable wear. The best description that comes to mind is that the lipstick hugs my lips when I wear it. It doesn’t dry my lips. No white flakes left either after several hours of wear. Pure joy to wear. *hands up*

Smooth application. It applies so smoothly. I call it love at first swipe. *hearts*

Sculpting? The lipstick gives off a shine that gives the lips a nice lift. Nothing too dramatic, though. The effect is very natural which is fine by me. 

Yup, this is MLBB material!
Estee Lauder in Graceful when worn by yours truly

You may notice I did not put any cons. Well, I just don't have any beef with it! I love it a lot! 

If you want something perfect for everyday use - wearable and comfortable - I daresay this is a good investment to have. No unsightly chapped lips! :-) 

I'd love to hear about your favorite MLBB lipsticks and your 'investment' lipsticks!

Be blessed always.


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