August 5, 2014

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OOTD: Sunday Best in Green

Hola chicas! Time for another Sunday Best post. I had tons of fun last Sunday; I was able to hear Mass, catch up a bit with a good friend, have lunch with the family, and spend the rest of the day with le boyfriend! My love tank is definitely filled up right now. :-) <3

Nope, I'm not a green girl!

I'm beginning to seriously consider wearing only skirts and dresses during Sundays. Apart from not being able to wear such as often during the weekdays, my feminine side is definitely loving the dress up part! Hihi. This week's Sunday best is a floral dress from Dorothy Perkins. I do have a love-hate relationship with it; it's comfortable but I always feel extra wide in it because of the garterized waist. Anyhoo, it was raining so I had the perfect excuse to layer with a cardigan. Voila! Concealed arms and tummy. :D

I didn't really plan on which pair of shoe to pair since we were in a hurry already. I just grabbed this pair of flats from Fioni (Payless) and realized later on how nicely it complemented my neutral outfit. Imagine if I paired it with neutral shoes? Would have been nice but not as fun. :-) I'm usually not an adventurous person even with colors (except for lipsticks!) but I definitely learned my lesson here that a little burst of color can definitely seal the deal with a plain outfit.

What was/will be your Sunday Best?
Be blessed always!


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