August 3, 2012

[Pressing] On the RH Bill Debate

The debate on the RH Bill has been on the rage once again as voting for it will be next week. This is actually a good read on reasons not to support the Bill. It's not a very long post and I hope you can take the time out to read it.

Unheard of reasons why I am against the RH Bill. (credits to blogger Trish)

And if you do wish to revisit your stand on the Bill, why not take time out to re-read the Bill too? :) My friend, Jaymee, has uploaded a copy of HB 4244.

This is a crucial point for the Philippine society and I can only hope that everyone takes time out to educate themselves about the surrounding issues and decide what kind of future and society they want their future children and grandchildren to be left with.



  1. Thanks for sharing my article. Cheers! :)

  2. You're welcome! Your post is certainly a refreshing read, more so now that more and more anti-RH posts have come up. Appreciate that it's simple without being simplistic and to the point. Noticed that you have other posts on virtues and morality -- LIKE! :)


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