August 9, 2014

Next to makeup, another considerable collection of mine is nail polish. My nails have always been brittle and short - a consequence of my young nail-biting days - but I've always enjoyed trying on different colors on my tips. Call it color therapy, I guess. ;-)

Well, guess what I came home with when I visited the Catrice counter in SM Manila. Heehee. :-)

Ultimate Nail Lacquer

The Promise:

Thanks to the new Gloss Booster technology, the next generation of Ultimate Nail Lacquers is extremely convincing with a high-shine finish, perfect coverage and ultra-long durability. With the innovative reservoir brush, you can colour your nails with just one stroke. Free of formaldehyde, toluene or phthalates.
Tested and loved: 9 out of 10 women love* the perfect COVERAGE, ultimate SHINE and long DURABILITY.
* Consumer test with 100 women, 2013

Does it deliver?

  • High-shine finish - I won't exactly call it high-shine; my personal preference is still to place top coat for extra shine
  • Perfect coverage - As with other brands, opacity really depends on the shade itself. Bloody Mary to Go (red) and Genius in A Bottle (chameleon green) are opaque on the first coat while The Effect Maker (a multi-dimensional nude shade) took me 3 coats for a decent finish. I think it's best to use a white base for the last shade.
  • Ultra-long durability - I LOVE the lasting power of the Ultimate Nail Lacquer! With its name, I think this is a step up from your regular nail polish. Bloody Mary to Go lasted me a whole week; I think it would have lasted me longer if I hadn't have to do the weekly laundry. Genius in A Bottle lasted me about 5 days before minimal chipping. 
  • Color nail with just one stroke - I really wouldn't say that all it took is one stroke. It still took me the usual three strokes to spread the color evenly. 
As with other polishes, it is highly recommended to use a good base coat and top coat. I also apply another layer of top coat on the second night of wear for good measure and for extra shine. 

Swatches (please excuse the poor state of my cuticles):

Bloody Mary to Go

See how Genius in A Bottle looks different under different lighting.
Top is taken at night under fluorescent light; bottom is taken in natural light

The Effect Maker worn

I so love the Ultimate Nail Lacquer that I regret passing up on a beautiful chocolate brown shade that they had. Oh well, it can only mean another trip to the Catrice counter is bound to happen in the future! LOL. 
To see other shades, you can check out the Catrice Colour Finder.

So tell me, what's your favorite polish brand and color? 

Be blessed always!


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