July 25, 2014

Magazines, beauty blogs and makeup books tell us how critical the eyebrows are. It can make or break a look; just look for that funny Buzzfeed article on how celebrities can look like sans brows. Given good shaping and trimming, it can really frame the face well.
One thing I’ve learned is that it takes practice. I’m no expert and am still learning everyday that I do mine. One should also have the right tools when practicing. The easiest weapon of choice? The eyebrow pencil. I find this to be the least complicated and most convenient to use especially for busy gals with little time to make themselves up in the morning.
My favorite at the moment is the Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil which I discovered through my favorite beauty blog, Project Vanity. 

The pencil comes with a small brush in the other end (for spreading the pigment) which makes it a little long for small kikay kits.

** Natural brown color. This is nice for the average Pinay with black to dark-brown hair. There is definitely no red tone in this.
** Long-lasting. I don’t retouch anymore at the end of the day; it stays put throughout even during humid days.
**Pigmented therefore economical. I only need to swipe it a few times therefore I don’t need to sharpen it too often. This is a yay too for those who are lazy to sharpen (like me). :p
I can’t really think of any cons except it’s a little too long for my kit but that’s because it’s a full pencil. It's a little expensive but you need only a little anyway so I don't see this being used up that quickly.
Ease of use is this pencil's strongest suit. Remember to use it in soft strokes as if you’re drawing hair instead of dragging it along the skin for a more natural look. Below are photos of me wearing it in different occasions. I wear it as is for a darker look or top it off with a brow mascara when I feel like having softer brows. 

I'd love to hear about your favorite brow product!
Be blessed always. :) 


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