May 21, 2014

I always seem to find a new hobby every few months or so and this time it's looming! I'm fairly new in it and am still learning the ropes as well as a few tricks here and there. There's just something about creating with one's own hands that gives me a happy fulfillment; probably explains my fascination with makeup as well, hehe.

Anyways, don't let me bother you with my blah-blahs. I just wanted to share my latest loom bracelet creation which is also my favorite among the rest.

Isn't she lovely?
Since it's the month of May, I thought why not design something inspired by the Blessed Virgin Mary? Love the color combination of royal blue, light blue and white. :)

I have other loom bracelets but have always decided against wearing it. Now this is something I can wear often because it definitely holds a different meaning to me. Reminds me to be more Mary-like too, haha.

Expect more posts, though intermittently, as I have quite a few drafts to publish in the coming weeks.

Have a blessed day! :) 


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