February 2, 2012

[Tumblr Photo Challenge for February] Day 1: Your View Today

The main reason why I enjoy Tumblr is that there are many interesting stuff in it. I stumbled on a Photo Challenge this morning and got excited because it would mean 29 new photos for February. Yay! I'm such a photo freak, I know, but better that it challenges me to take photos of something else other than face. :-P (LOL)

For the first day of December, the challenge is to take a photo of my view today. Boy, what a nice view I have today and well, almost everyday.

I may not have the highest-paying job and I do get my fair share of stress but the view from the office is hard to top. How can you not love it when you just need to walk a few steps and you have a fantastic view of the Manila Bay. :)

Hope you had a lovely view as well today. <3


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